Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bike Rack Issue and Ride

Passed on Tuesday Coffee - tired and did not want to deal with the coffee group. Was late morning when I headed to town for my blood draw, stop at the bike shop, and bike ride.

Talked with Blaine and we looked at the problem with the Yakima rack. Forgot to take a photo while it mechanism was open on Sunday. From the photo here, you can see the right latch finger was broken off (red plastic piece). The rack is useable for now. See what Yakima says about the failure.

From the bike shop I headed to Wabash Trace trailhead for a ride on my road bike. From what I could hear, sounded like my heart is in A-Fib. Getting the bike off the rack and ready for my ride, the heart monitor verified my diagnosis. that, and i have been sluggish all day.

Monitor readings were steady but high (at about 130 when normally mid 60s when prepping for my ride). Decided to just ride to and around Manawa. By the time I was on the last 1.5 mile section of the ride, I was fading.

I had been keeping hydrated on the ride. It might have had something about that I did not eat much the last 2 days. Before departing the trailhead, I drank a quart of PowerAde Zero and headed to Freddy's for some food. Felt better after the food, yet heart is still in A-Fib.

Beautiful day to be out of the bike. Forecast is great weather the rest of the week. Hoping to get out some more rides.

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