Sunday, September 16, 2012

River's Edge Park

With a wind out of the SW yesterday, it was a good day to ride Iowa Riverfront Trail. Wanted to check out the work being done along the river. And, the weather was great for a ride - sunny and temperature in the 70s.

Brought the road bike for my ride. Parked at Big Lake. Lots of folks out to fish and picnic. It had been a while since I rode that was. Where the Ramada Inn used to be, there's a residence house. Streets added on the area.

I crossed N 25th St and down along I-29. Opted to walk the bike where a new pumping station was built. Pavement ended there for a short distance. Just a little too rough for my skinny tires.

Up on the levee, there's a chain link fence along the trail. The fence separates the trail from a new "haul road" between the levee and the river. Looks like they are hauling dirt and rocks along the river chute. At coffee, I heard they may be adding a marina in that area.

On over to the Bob Bridge and River's Edge Park (under construction). The photo above is of the park construction, the iowa Riverfront Trail and the Bob Bridge in the background. Surfing, I found some illustrations of what the park would look like when completed. Of course, the question that brings to mind: What happens when the river flood next time?

Rode on to the Western Historic Trails Center. Visited there, signed the book. While there, a couple of my friends stopped in while on there ride. They were headed to the Bob Bridge to check on the new park.

Took some more photos on the way back to the car. Turned out to be a very good 14 mile ride (specially riding with the wind on the way back).

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