Sunday, September 23, 2012

Needed to Take a Bike Ride

Cool morning here - in the 30's. Headed out for normal Sunday breakfast at Panera. Finished my sandwich and refilled for my coffee. About to settle in to do some computer work.

On of the guys I have coffee there started jiggling the table my computer is on. He knows that this bothers me, so he was doing it on purpose. Well, I had enough. Closed the laptop and re-stored it in the case. No "sorry" from him, just "bye". Since I had just refilled my coffee, I just sat there and finished my coffee and left.

Getting warmer, so started getting ready for a bike ride. Kitten up, aired the tires in the road bike, and went to put the bike on the rack. Tried to change to rack orientation, but the bike carrier bars would not stay up.

Headed to town to the bike shop. If I didn't go there today, I would also be without the rack tomorrow as they are closed on Mondays. Latching mechanism was partially broken and a piece was jamming the internals. Rack is now "serviceable" but I would not trust it for the upcoming trip. Will talk more about the problems Tuesday and see what remedies are available.

Finally, back to the house, grabbed the bike, water, & PowerAde. Parked at the Wabash Trace trailhead and rode to the Trails Center. Sure happy to be on the bike - some time to chill out and enjoy a ride.

Today's photo was taken on the Lake Manawa Trail along Mosquito Creek. It is now clear that the construction involves additions ot the storm sewer.

Feel better after the ride. Could have used my light jacket (or long sleeve jersey) but generally comfortable.

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