Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mountain-Bay Trail

I just did not to get out of bed this morning. Felt so good to be horizontal. Finally, I got up and dressed for breakfast. Loaded up carbs (2 waffles with syrup) and caffeine.

Spent some time in the room resizing photos to post to facebook. Eventually I kitted up for my bicycle ride on the Mountain-Bay Trail. Was planning to park at the end of the trail in Weston, WI. But, there was no kiosk and trail use fee envelopes.

Internet search indicates Sprocketz is a bicycle shop in the area and the contact tab on their web site show they are open Sundays. WRONG - fall hours, closed Sunday and Monday per their door. Checked the visitor map again and found Municipal Drive off Schofield. There, I found the trailhead.

The information center was open. Paid my trail fee ($4 for day pass), grabbed the bike, and headed East on the trail.

Guess I have been riding paved trails too much - the crushed stone felt like I was always climbing. And the body has not recovered from yesterday. Legs were talking back to me!

Made it a little past Clubhouse Road, a little over 5 miles. Did not trust my legs to go further and still get back to the car. On the way back, I stopped to check out a place where there is a well with pump, a bicycle rack, and view of the Eau Claire River. When i got the the river, I found there's even 2 picnic tables.

For about 1.5 miles, there is a parallel paved trail. My legs thanked me for riding the paved trail! Glad i did not ride further until I turned over. Legs were about "toast" when I got back to the car.

Dinner at cousin & husband house with aunt, uncle, and my mom. Tomorrow back to Kenosha.

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