Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival

Today was the main day of the mountain bike festival. There were 5k and 10k runs early in the morning (before I got to the festival grounds).  The first function I attended was the Bicycle Parade (upper photo).  The parade route took the riders from the festival grounds, to and through downtown Crosby before riding back to the festival grounds,  Fewer riders in the parade than last year.

After the parade, it was time to prepare to shoot the crosscountry mountain bike race.  Riders rode their bikes from the festival grounds to the start/finish line at Pennington Lake.  This mass roll-out from the festival was to eleviate any parking problems at Pennington Lake.  Large group of racers.

After the group headed out of the festival grounds, I drove over to the parking area near Boot Camp (along highway 128).  Visited with a race trail guard as I waited for the racers.  I found a spot in the woods along the singletrack.  Caught most all of the riders as they came through.  Missed some when there were too many arriving at once and the camera couple not keep up processing the files.  Many of them I caught on the second lap.  Ended up with about 200 shots of the race. 

Back at the festival frounds, I was hungry.  Picked up a burger and Fat Tire at the vendors.  The first of the Twin Cities Fun Factory BMX stunt show was underway.  Smaller crowd watchng the show this year than last year.  Did not see the "money shot" I took last year "High Flying Bike".  They were having a second show later in the afternoon.

I took some time to head to the hotel to sort some of today's photo files.  Got some also posted up on the race & events web site.

Was pretty tired, but wanted to try to shoot the always popular kid's races.  The lower photos was the start of the kids race for the youngest riders.  After the kid's race, the moms and dads rode their kid's bike in a race.

I topped off the day with a sandwich and Fat Tire at Coach's Corner Sports Bar.  Now rest time, checking the weather, and probably packing the car for the trip home.

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