Friday, June 7, 2013


Yesterday (Thursday) was travel day.  Was hoping it would clear off a bit, instead the day started spitting mist while packing the car.  Eventually got on the road.  Encountered "pea soup) fog just leaving Duluth.  I had to slow down to 40mph on I-35!

The fog was clear as I headed out on highway 210.  Was getting hungry when I reached Cromwell.  Had lunch at the Country Inn Restaurant.  What a lunch!  Ordered 1/3 pound burger, fries, cole slaw, 2 onion rings, and coffee for under $10! 

Checking at the Country Inn Deerwood.  Settled into the room and got stuff ready for a ride Friday.

Today, the morning was spent waiting for sun and higher temperature.  By noon, it was time to head over to the trails.  Talked with Dan (Owner @ Country Inn) about riding "Switchback".  This was a trail I had not ridden.  Parked the car at the Pennington Lake boat ramp.

Pretty good singletrack.  Just some climbing that was over my ability.  Did not how much I have gotten out of shape - be that from not active or health problems.  Was out of breath at times walking the bike up the trail.  From the upper photo, you can see where the trail gets its name.

Anyway, I had the GoPro camera on the bike and recorded the whole ride.  When I hit the end of Switchback, I rode the road to the Cuyuna Lake State Trail back to the car.

Back at the room, I downloaded the video.  Looks like I got the whole ride - even did not get the camera turned off while visiting at the parking lot.  Converted the video from MP4 to AVI.

The camera wanted to update the firmware.  That is done from the GoPro CineForm Studio.  The firnware update did not take.  Sent an e-mail from GoPro. While i was out for registration and pasta feed, I had instructions from GoPro.  Awesome customer support!  Downloaded the firmware and formatted the SD car.

Back at the Festival (Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival).  Bought raffle tickets (for a New Belgium Brewing cruiser) - drawing in September.  Food and beverages by Maucieri’s and New Belgium Brewing.  The band was playing.  Later there would be a night ride under lights (beyond me on unfamiliar trails).

No luck updating the firmware.  The camera seems to be stuck in a loop.  Sent another e-mail to GoPro support.  About time to call it a night.

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