Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ride on the Duluth Lakewalk

Cool morning and the forecast was for scattered showers.  After coffee and pastries at the hotel, I found a place to get a haircut.  I had been getting pretty shaggy!

Weather.com was showing some showers heading through the area late morning.  So, I killed some time chatting online.  Soon, the clouds were getting thinner, so kitted up for low/mid 40 deg weather.

It was a little over a block from my hotel (Days Inn Duluth) to the Edgewater entrance of the Duluth Lakewalk.  Took the hybrid off the car rack and loaded up for the ride.  It was a 3 mile ride along Lake Superior to Canal Park.  Rode around Canal Park before riding back to the hotel.

Was a bit brisk ride back as I had a stiff headwind.  While I was a little chilly, I was not uncomfortable.  Guess I had just the right layer of clothes.  Felt great to be back on the bike.  Was not sure I was excited about riding in this weather, but sure glad I did.  Just over 7 mile ride.

OH, I had the GoPro on the bike.   Still have problems understanding when the camera is running and when its not. Did not get the footage I thought I was getting.

Was thinking of getting out last night - sampling the local night life.  But the exercise and fresh air made me too tired. Instead, I feasted on a chicken fried steak at Perkins (2 blocks from the hotel) and called it a night.

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