Monday, June 3, 2013

Hayward to Duluth - the Long Way

Today was travel day - Hayward to Duluth.  That should be a trip of 75 miles - but not me.  I plotted a scenic route of 155 miles.

Before the drive, I needed a good breakfast.  Best place for breakfast was once again Coopers Restaurant.  The only place I have seen where you can have a home-cooked breakfast with coffee and under $10, including tip!  This morning, I opted for pancakes and sausages.

The drive took me North out of Hayward on US 63 to it ends near Ashland.  Stopped in at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.  Picked up a brochure about the Apostle Island National Lakeshore.  At the center, I was directed to Bayview Beach north of Washburn.  I was looking for places to take photos of the lake and the islands without having to take a ferry ride.  The daily cruise to see the islands started at 10am - it was already 10 and I was at least a half hour from Bayfield (cruise dock).

Anyway, the upper photo was taken at Bayview Beach,  One of the islands is in the distance on the right.

Was thinking of stopping in Bayfield, but the streets in the "downtown" area where torn up.  Took a couple photos of the National Lakeshore Headquarters building.  Next was Red Cliff (Native American town).  I had a recommendation to check out the view from the casino restaurant.  But, it was not lunch time.  Instead, I continued to Little Sand Bay.  Took some photos.  There were a couple of kayak there.  The lake was surprisingly calm today.  Was going to stop in at the Visitor's Center, but it was "closed for the season".

On around on Wisconsin Rt 13.  Not sure that my legs and knee would hold up enough to do a hike from Meyer's Beach to look at the sea caves.  So, I passed.  Stopped at couple times to take photos. Nice scenery at a wayside near Port Wing.  Took photos of abandoned Cloverland Community Club and School.  Also stopped at the Davidson Windmill. (see photo to the right)

On to Superior and Duluth.  Noticed that the annual open house at the Bong Heritage Center will be on Wednesday.  Might check it out again - if the weather is terrible and I'm looking for something to do.  Drove past the hotel a little on up along the North Shore. 

Checked in at the Days Inn Duluth.  Dropped some of my gear and checked facebook.  Asked the desk clerk for recommendation for burger or such for dinner.  Went to Fitger's Brewhouse.  Had a good brew from their selection (did not catch the name).  Food was the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with beer batter fries. Good food, just a little expensive.

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