Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tourist Day in Duluth-Superior

It was a busy day playing 'tourist" today.  Slept in a little, had a bagel & coffee at the hotel.  Then consulted the maps to find my way via highway to Canal Park.

My first stop was the Lake Superior Maritime Museum.  The top photo here is the entry hall to the museum.  I was there early (9:45) as the museum did not open until 10am.  It was interesting to see so much information about the shipping on Lake Superior.  One exhibit I found very interesting was a relief of the Great Lakes and surrounding area.  It really shows the depth of the Great Lakes.  I knew Lake Superior was deep, but did not know Lake Michigan has a very deep section. 

The building that houses the museum is also the offices of the Corps ot Engineers.  Not a large museum.  Sure can't complain as there is no admission fee.  The museum is in Canal Park right next to the Aerial Lift Bridge. Parking was pretty reasonable - 2$ for the first 2 hours..

Next was the agenda was the Great Lakes Aquarium.  Admission to the aquarium was a bit steep.  First, there was $5 for parking.  Admission was $16.50 (at least there was a discount for seniors - $13.50 for those 62+).  The middle photo on today's posting is of the entrance of the aquarium.

The most interesting exhibit for me was the large model of the Great Lakes water system including locks, power plant, and even Niagara Falls.  I spent about a hour at the aquarium.

It was about lunch time, so thought I would find the Anchor Inn in Superior for lunch.  I had been told they have great, cheap hamburgers.  Alas - Tower Avenue is all torn up.  Gave up and headed to the next stop.

I knew that today was the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center 3rd annual Open House (I was there 2 years ago!)  Free burgers/dogs, chips, and soda.  So, I could at least get a little food before later dinner.

Did not see much new - but it was a nice break.  The museum has artifact from WWI, WWII, Korea, VietNam, and the "cold war".  Did not see anything about Iraq or Afghanistan.  The center piece of the museum collection is a P-38 plane.

By this time, my left knee was having a fit.  Time to go to the hotel and "get horizontal".  After a little nap, I processed the photos I took today.  Then it was time for some dinner.  After some debating, I decided to find a place for pizza and beer.

The Firelight Inn (don't remember why I ended up at that site) recommended Thirsty Pagan Brewing.  I knew I could find the brew-pub since I was past it earlier, trying to find the Anchor Inn.

I told my server (Christy) that I would like an Amber Ale, if they had one.  She served me a pint of North Coast Amber - brewed on premises by thier brewer - Allyson.  OK, does it sounds like I was getting to friendly with the brewery?  t was just so easy.  Manager Steve stopped by and answered any of my questions.

I like to sample the local beers while on the road.  Talking with Steve, he asked how Hayward biking was - I said it was mostly wet.  He also stays at the Country Inn in Deerwood, knew the owner, Dan.  I asked if he knew Hansi - the local IMBA Regional Director - he does.  Guess he's also a mountain biker! Gave Steve the URL for my cycling blog and general web site.

Was a very enjoyable dinner.  I can sure recommend Thirsty Pagan Brewing for beer and pizza and friendly staff.

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