Monday, March 24, 2008

3 Years and Counting

Three years ago, I was in the hospital. I had suffered a stroke. As my doctors planned tests, my health made a nose dive. Instead of tests, I found out they rushed me into surgery. I had a deteriorated heart valve.

A week in the hospital (including a mechanical heart valve), 5 weeks of home care (Thanks to VNA of Pottawattamie County), hours of speech therapy, and cardiac rehab put me on the road to recovery. It was time for me to find a way to continue improve my health. Thanks to Bill (Xtreme Wheels), I found cycling.

As they say, the rest is "history".

I have found places to ride - city bike trails, the Wabash Trace. Rode charity rides (local and regional). Started working with SWINT. Joined IMBA and T.H.O.R. Became very involved into the local cycling community.

You, my friends in the cycling community, are great. You give me the strength to keep pedaling through life. Mountain biking has made me feel younger and healthier.

Thank you all, for indulging me with my passion. Cycling, particularly singletrack, is my passion. See you on the trail and at the races. Bring on year 4.


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BLUEIF said...

It is great to have you in the cycling lifestyle. It is always a pleasure to ride next to you.