Thursday, March 6, 2008

Longest Ride of the Year

Very light wind, sunny, mid to upper 30s - bike ride time!!! It has been a long time (Nov 8th) since I rode the hybrid, so decided to ride it.

The bike computer was not working when I was ready to ride - just took some cleaning of the housing contacts. Headed from the Wabash trailhead for the Trail Center. Stopped there, felt good so figured I might as well ride to the new bridge.

Weather turned cloudy for a while. Later the sun came put again.

In spite of the weather, they are making progress. Directly opposite from the bridge apron, they are building a short ramp/connector down to street level.

When I got back, went on up to Xtreme Wheels - get in a couple more miles. Ended up 27 miles today - June 6th was the last time I rode 27+ miles in 1 day! Probably will be tired and sore tomorrow.

OH, almost forgot, I got my new "Share the Road" license plates. They are pretty cool.

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