Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Ride - First of the Season

This afternoon was the first of the Xtreme Wheels Tuesday Ride. Now, I had ridden a couple times on Tuesday this year - but the weather was not warm enough for most riders. The temperature at ride departure was in the 60s.

Dennis and I rode over to and around Lake Manawa. Rode the FX - have to ride it once in a while. We rode at the fastest pace so far this year - just over 12 mph.

I rode yesterday afternoon, too. Just a short (12 mile) ride. Was a little cool - about 40. I was checking my log yesterday. On March 10, 07, I had 90 miles. Yesterday showed over 190 miles this year. Today I topped the 200 miles mark.

No photos for today's entry :(

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