Friday, March 14, 2008


This week has been on of the warmest so far this year. Wednesday (into the 60s) I headed out from the Wabash Trace Trailhead, going to the riverfront. Everything went well until I got to the Highway 92 bridge. The trail was blocked. Seems they are setting girders for the second 2 lanes.

My plan was to ride 20-25+ miles. Time for plan "B". I turned around back the Indian Creek trail to Manawa Trail then rode started riding around Lake Manawa. I even went to the South part of the park - had not been there. Great riding since the wind was with me on the West (open) side of the lake. Wind was not a problem on the East side of the lake with all of the houses and buildings.

Still not enough miles, to another loop around the lake. On the way back to the trailhead, the wind was kicking up. Planned to ride over the Xtreme Wheels to finish, but the wind got just too bad.

Thought that my legs would the tired and sore after the 50 miles in 3 weeks, but wanted to ride some anyway Thursday. It turned out that the weather was better that day - same temperature but almost no wind. Warm-up ride from Western Heritage Trail Center to N 24th. On the way back, saw Dennis driving to the trail center. Tried to catch him along the trail but to no avail. He stopped at the N16th Hy-Vee - chatted with him and we rode together to Big Lake. The road along the lake is closed - building a bridge there.

From Big Lake, it was down to the new trail bridge across the Missouri. They are making progress on the bridge. Not sure about the 4-way intersection at the East (Iowa) end of the bridge. Ending at the Trail Center was enough for Dennis. I still wanted to go toward 25+ miles. Rode over to Indian Creek - from Highway 92 to S 16th Ave. Over 26 miles today.

Time to take a break from the riding. Have a case of "saddle sores" from the aggressive riding this week. That was OK, since the weather was forecast for rain and nasty weather starting this morning. WRONG -- sunny and 50 most of the day.

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