Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ride to Malvern

I was not planning to ride today. But after breakfast, it was nearly 50, hazy sunshine, no wind. Just had to get out and ride. Decided to ride the Wabash Trace from Silver City to Malvern.

The first thing I noticed when riding, most of the dead falls have been cleared from the trail. The piles of chain saw debris were still evident. There will be some work still needed on the trail day. Some needs to be moved further off of the trail for mowing. Also a couple new branches need to be cut (forgot to bring my folding saw).

Bridges in pretty good shape. Couple spots could use some new broads in the future.

Stopped at Latte de Da in Malvern for coffee and a visit. The coffee shoppe is undergoing a name change - in about a month.

Between Silver Creek bridge and Silver City there is a farm and junkyard. It is has been eyesore. Now I see and old corn picker has been deposited inside the Trace fence.

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