Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday it was an early call to get up and ready for the first day of the Mickelson Trail ride. Breakfast for the riders and volunteers at 6am. A shower came though as we were eating (just hoping that was not foreboding the what the weather will have in store for us). A little after 7 we rolled out for Deadwood. About 8 we were in Deadwood, unloading the bikes.

I decided to try riding the first section - climbing up from Deadwood. While the grade is not that bad (about 4%), the thinner air took its toll on me. Made it 6 miles up the hill. Had to walk the last few hundred feet to the trail head. Lactate was builting up in my muscles. Rode in the van for 2 section. Then rode 2 downhill sections from Dumont to Mystic. All totalled 24.77 miles for the day. I was pleased with my effort.

The photo here is me coming out of Tunnel C. Some very beautiful scenery down the canyon from Rochford to Mystic. Mickelson Trail Day 2 today.

Oh, yesterday I hit 1100 miles for the year.

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