Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swanson - River City Shoot-out

Today was a great day for a bike race! Awesome weather.

This was the first race of the season (Race #1 of the series was postponed into June.) Some 155 riders took to the trail at Swanson Park. There was some confusion with the new categories but the organizers and USA Cycling officials worked everything out.

Special Thanks to Edge Physical Therapy for supplying the grub. It seemed that the hungry racers appreciated the food. I know that this photographer did!

I ended up shooting over 450 photos at the race. You can see my photos at There are 4 groups of photos. The first group is general shots. Group 2 of 4 is the start of the Marathon, Category 3, and Juniors. Group 3 of 4 is the always popular Kid's Race. Group 4 of 4 is the Category 1, Category 2, and rest of the Marathon.

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