Monday, May 25, 2009

BHFTF Last Day

I did not like the new schedule for the festival. With the Mickelson Trail on Saturday and Sunday - that (and maybe a ride on Friday - perhaps a Monday) is all you can do. The Vendor and Demo area is only open Saturday/Sunday. Never had time to visit with the vendors. When we got back from the Mickelson on Sunday, the festival HQ was closed (torn down).

The full schedule showed 6 guided tours on Monday morning. I came to the Park hoping to ride St. Martin's. That was one that my guide Friday afternoon said he thought it would be a good one for me. Instead, only Victoria Lake, Bone Collector, and Storm Mountain rides when out. If it was because not interest (sign-up) as of Sunday close, we (Mickelson Riders) could not have signed up and/or asked for one of the rides because the festival was closed.

Anyway, I tried the Victoria Lake Ride (some on my friends were going in the ride. I should should have know that it was not for me -- my friends are expert riders). The climb up from the parking lot (walking my bike up for .4 miles on a muddy logging road) was enough for me. That adding problems with the breast strap on my hydration pack.

Ended up just taking a ride on the Rapid Creak Trail see if I meet up wth Rich (Omaha) to visit and see what plans were for this evening.

Not a good day today. And I am tired from the 2 days on the Mickelson. If some of us don't meet for dinner, I may pack up this evening and head out for home very early in the morning.

URGH - late note -- I forgot to turn the cell back on after the film festival last night. Missed 3 calls to ride this afternoon on the Mickelson. Trying to contact about dinner this evening. They must stil be n the trail.

Sounds like time to be head home.

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