Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today was Day 2 of the Mickelson Trail Ride. Today's ride started from Rabbit Cycles in Hill City. At Mountain View trail head, I got on the trail - riding to Custer, took a break, and rode the last 2 sections to Edgemont (end of the trail).

This photo was taken in Sheep Canyon. Was another beautiful section of the trail.

The weather started up foggy and misting. At Custer, the mist stopped. After Pringle, the fog lifted. At Sheep Canyoh Trail Stop, I had to shed a layer. As we neared Edgemont, the sun came out.

This photos is of the 4 riders today. Jane, Doug, Ed, and me. Doug and Ed ended up riding the while trail over the 2 days. (109 miles!) I rode 39 miles today, a personal best (longest ride). Basically 64 miles over the last 2 days.

The day ended up at the Elks Theater for the Film Festival. I did not win any swag. :( And, the did not get the Beer-Muda Triange T-Shirts.

Hoping to ride tomorrow morning.

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