Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I fought a sapling

And the sapling won!

Three laps (ex No 2nd Chance). Crashed in Woodchopper into my second lap. I got too close to a sapling. That was about 7 miles into my ride. When I stopped at the car, I washed the arm a little with water from my hydration pack. Then back on the trail – pushed it the rest of that lap. Took it easy (cool down) on the 3rd lap. That was the first time I did 3 laps at Manawa.

Took the old, trusty Trek 4300 for the ride today. The Trek Fuel EX7 is in the shop for shifting problems (again). Dropped off the 4300 at the shop - getting a squeak in the handlebar. Looks like the weather will not good for riding tomorrow. A good time to take a day off (though I still have the Trek 7200FX (hybrid) if I REALLY have to ride tomorrow.

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