Saturday, May 23, 2009

Black Hill Fat Tire Festival

Ladder on the trail at Badlands

Mt. Rushmore from Iron Mountain Highway

Rocky trail - Buzzards Roost

It has been a busy week. Wednesday I headed out from home for South Dakota and the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Stopped in the Badlands on the way. Lots of photos in the Badlands. Spent the night in Wall (home of Wall Drug).

Thursday, more photos. Was up for sunrise but overcast day. Not an impressive sunrise. Took lots of photos in flat light. Hikes some of the Castle Trail.

Off to Mt. Rushmore (scenic route). Hiked the trail there. Lots of more photos.

Yesterday the festival got underway. Rode my bike to registration. First ride was in the afternoon. Rode Buzzards Roost. VERY rocky ride. Had to stop to rest, walk some of the trail. Did just 3.3 miles.

Ended the day with the Welcome social at the Chop House (rode my bike from the motel to the social). Mickelson Trail today.

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