Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mileage Milestone

What a year it has been. Bicycle mileage for the year just surpassed last year's total. Now at 2209 miles for the year. And it is still August!

What has been contributing to the higher mileage? 1) I got a leg up on the year by riding most of the winter - partially thanks for the studded tires on my hardtail. 2) We have been getting a lot of rain throughout Spring and Summer. This has forced me to ride more pavement and more on the Wabash Trace. More miles for the same effort. 3) As I become a stronger rider, I ride longer before tiring. Last year 15-20 mile rides are long. Now I regularly ride 25-30 miles each time.

Now - just how many miles will I end up with? I think that 3000 miles is surely in reach (that's only 800 miles - and in one 7 day period this month I logged 155 miles!)

Here's some of the things I have learned:

To keep cramps at bay, I need to drink a 20 oz bottle of G2 about every 10 miles. That is in addition to the water I carry drink from my hydration pack.

Variety keeps me looking forward to ride. I change the bike I ride, the trail I ride, the trail surface I ride.

When riding, I sometimes will do "intervals".

On my hybrid and hardtail have have 2 bottle holders. My full suspension bike one. To lengthen my ride without cramping - I chew/suck on a "shot bloks (tm)".

The "ergo" grips (thanks Blaine) on my hybrid and proper position of the saddle are very important factors allowing me to ride longer before I have problems with my hands and feet.

Riding the right bike for the trail and conditions greatly improve the riding experience.

That's about it for today - getting to be bed time. Need to rest so I can ride tomorrow. Forecast is for awesome riding weather this weekend!

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