Thursday, August 20, 2009

Road Ride

Felt good to take the weekend off the bike. But, by late Sunday I was already having withdrawals. The only way to take care of that was some long rides.

Monday I rode from Xtreme Wheels to the Bob Bridge. Made a leisurely ride on the hybrid.

Tuesday, I needed to ride something different. Headed south on my hardtail. After the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park, I rode down US 275 to County H-10. From there on to L-31. At about 15 miles, I was at Vinton Equipment - almost down to US 34. That was enough, knowing that I had to ride back on US 275, so headed back.

As I rode, I seemed to get stronger. My first 1/2 hour was under 13 mph. By the time I hit 2 hours, my pace was at 14 mph (over the whole ride).

Other than the traffic on US 275, it was a great ride. Getting some noise in the drive train - once per pedal revolution. May be bottom bracket. Left the bike at the shop.

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