Sunday, October 25, 2009

3000 and Counting

The weather was cloudy, winds from the north, temperature about 55. At least it was not looking like rain! (Yesterday I got caught in drizzling rain.)

Was not sure how far I wanted to ride - see how I felt. The 3000 mile mark was near (less than 32 miles needed). Headed out from the bike shop. When I hit Indian Creek Trail, the wind hit me head-on. It was relentless, but I pedaled on at about 10 mph.

Stopped at the Trails Center. Feeling pretty good, so continued up the Iowa Riverfront Trail, past the Bob Bridge to N. 25th St. Since it was just a couple miles to Big Lake, I went on (wanted to see what progress has been made there). At Super 7, I got a flat - probably a pinch flat since it happened just crossing a rough drop at the road crossing.

Repairing the flat went pretty good (since I just had to fix on Monday). Thanks to the pump Dennis got me, I was back on the trail. At this time - do I continue to Big Lake and back on the Iowa Riverfront Trail - or ride though town to just get back to the bike shop?

I opted finishing the ride. Work continues on the lake shoreline. Does not look like anything more was done on the boardwalk.

Flew back down the trail (mostly a tail-wind). Ended with the ride against the wind from Manawa to the bike shop. All-in-all, I good ride. And, I hit my 3000 mile mark (800 miles over last year's total).

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