Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday on the Wabash Trace

The weather forecast was for sunny, warmer (basically normal), with winds from the South. I debated riding dirt at Manawa or the Wabash Trace. Mike R, one of my Facebook friends, posted a ride from CB to Silver City. I was ready for a ride with some company, so decided on the Wabash Trace.

It took some time for everyone to get assembled and head out. Dennis (one of my riding friends) didn't wait. He was only going to ride to Mineola, anyway. Six of us (Trasey, Mike, Dave, Lynn, Greg, and I) headed out.

We stopped for refreshments at Margaritaville. Another rider (Keith?) stopped to visit. Another stop at the Mineola Trailhead Shelter. Finally to Silver City. We stopped at the bar in Silver City for refreshments.

It was getting near 4pm, I decided its time for me to head back. Jared arrived at the bar as I was getting ready to ride home.

On my way up the hill to Margarataville, I was passed by Steve S (formerly of Activate Omaha, now of Iowa Bicycle Coalition). Steve was on his way back from a ride to Imogene.

Steve rode with me the rest of the way to the Council Bluffs trailhead. One the ride South, we left CB about It took over 2 hours to ride from CB to Silver City (with stops), 1.5 hours to ride back. Was back at the CB trailhead about 5:30.

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