Thursday, August 18, 2011

1000 Miles, Finally

This year has been rough to rack up the miles. Nasty winter, flooding all summer (all Council Bluffs levee trails closed - and it more than half of the trails), stifling heat and humidity in July, A-fib meds slowing down my heart rate, and some depression from not being able to get out to ride (lessens the desire to ride).

This morning I just HAD to get out to ride this morning. When I logged yesterday's ride, I saw that I need 15 miles to hit the 1000 mile mark. After coffee at Panera and a stop at the car dealership (that's the topic for a later post), I parked at Lake Manawa Nature Trail parking lot. Rode the trails and streets to the Trails Center.

Added a little by riding the N side Lake Manawa park, and a mile past my car (and back). Anyway, I made my 1k.

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