Sunday, August 21, 2011

Storm, River Rising, & Bike Rides

Thursday evening the area was hit with severe storms. The storm packed strong winds (60-90mph) and softball sized hail. Storm track seemed to be from Omaha (the airport was hit), Council Bluffs, and down the Wabash Trace.

Mineola was hit very hard. Volunteers sprung into action to clear the Wabash Trace. At this writing, the trail is open from Council Bluffs to Mineola. Another crew cleared the trail between Imogene and Ike's. They are working on the section down to Coin. No report yet Mineola to Imogene.

As it that wasn't enough, 1-3+ inches of rain fell on the area. The already swollen Missouri River rose a reported 19 inches in the Omaha area.

With the storms, I took Friday off the bike. Back on the bike Saturday and today. Saturday's ride was from Lake Manawa to the Trails Center - just to get out for a ride. Weather was just too nice to not take a ride.

Today, John and I did the second "Sunday Ride" of the year. And second one in a row! Sunny with a light breeze from the South (just enough to freshen the air). Sunday morning ride starts after coffee/breakfast at Panera Bread in CB. Rode from Panera, to and around Lake Manawa, over to the Trails Center, and finally back to Panera.

Took a short detour to see the river level. I had not been over there to see the level recently, and there was a couple of riders there (we weren't the only riders past the "Do Not Enter" sign). From the photo above, you can see that the river level is about a foot below the high water mark.

Took a short break at the Trails Center. Signed the guest book, refilled water, and headed back.

Had been riding the hybrid. Felt good to get the variety and speed of the road bike this morning. Rain again in the forecast for early tomorrow morning. Looks like another day off the bike.

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