Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally, Bike Riding Weather (for a day)

The summer has not been conducive for bike riding. The heat and humidity has been nasty. If it's not too hot in the morning, its pea-soup fog. Last Wednesday I was able to get out for a 14 mile ride. This morning, I wore my bibs and brought the hybrid on the car for my trip to Panera for "breakfast".

Was hoping John or Dennis might ride, too. John was planning antenna work and Dennis also had other plans. So, I drove over to Lake Manawa for my ride.

Rode up the East side of Lake Manawa on the new section of Veteran's Memorial Trail. At Leach Camper, I crossed Indian Creek on Highway 92. Back onto the trail almost to Veteran's Memorial (South Omaha) Bridge.

"Trail Closed" signs and barricades where down or moved to the side at S 24th St and at the OHV park. Rode past the National Guard trailer in the parking lot. It was the first time for me riding over to the bridge so was a little confused when the trail dropped down into the river and had to walk over to the bridge. (Upper photo).

Rode on over the bridge. Wanted to find that spot under the bridge that Jodi and Greg like (Bridge Trolls). I found it and shot the lower photo there. Spend some time exploring the trails there at S. 13th St and Veteran's Memorial.

When I was finishing crossing the bridge, I noticed activity at the National Guard trailer and CB Police car entering the lot. Decided it was not a time to walk pass the downed "trail closed" sign I saw earlier (when I was already past point of now return). Grabbed the bike over the railing and rode along the shoulder of the road back to the trail at the motel.

At S. 24th Street, The barricade is now back up across the trail. I was not ready to end my ride, so rode over to the Trails Center. Visited there, had my bottle of G2 and headed back to the car.

With Veteran's Memorial Trail blocked at S 24th, I rode the street from JCPenny to Leach Camper. Back onto the trail (and shared "bike lane") around the East side of Manawa. Good timing, it was getting a bit warm when I ended my ride (about noon). Logged in 20+ miles in just under 2 hours. Good ride!

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