Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silver City Trailhead

Earlier this week I received from Mill County Conservation, looking for photos of the Wabash Trace and particularly Mineola, Silver City, and Malvern trailheads. I had good photos of Mineola abd Malvern, but not a shot of Silver City. Yesterday, I decided it was a good day to get that shot and a bike ride.

Did my normal ride from Silver City to Malvern (8.5 miles). Stopped at the trailhead/depot for a break, a granola bar, and G2. Allan (another SWINT board member) came by on his bike. He was riding up to Silver City. Had a good ride and conversation. Weather was pretty good, sunny with a light breeze. On the way back, the humidity was climbing. Had problems with sweat in my eyes.

Needed to get out and ride. When I headed out, I was not sure how far I would ride. Glad I made it the whole way to Malvern. Dealing with auto dealers was/is getting to me. But, that is another whole story.

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