Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exploring Duck Creek Trail

As I headed to Scott County Park, there were storms brewing on the West. Breakfast was breakfast pizza and coffee. Rain was starting by the time I finished eating. Said my "good-byes", stopped at registration for fester goodies, and back to the hotel.

While I was waiting for the rain to stop, I posted the last of festival photos on the web site. About noon, it was time to prepare for my ride. Plans were to ride on the Duck Creek Trail.

Parked at 35th and Welcome. Headed east on the trail. Stopped many times to take photos. Most of the trail is relatively flat - but there were a couple climbs. Had some problems shifting down to the little chain ring. That caused me to walk on hill on the way out.

Made it to "Riverdale" at the end of the trail. Today's photo is me and the road bike at the trailhead sign. Turned around and headed back to the car.

Weather was sunny and very humid. Temp was in the low 80, but it felt like 90 or more. Had to walk a couple hills on the way back. Was happy as I got less than a mile from the car.

No speed records on the ride. Fifteen and a half miles in 1:51. Twenty HDR photos. Should have one to use in a calendar.

Shower and change of clothes, I headed to Thunder Bay Grill for brew and grub. Processed the photos while eating.

Time to put my feet up, get horizontal and relax. Kenosha tomorrow.

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