Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Kenosha and Back Home

Monday, I loaded up the car and headed to Kenosha. Uneventful drive (except for the skyrocketing toll rates). At my mom's by 11am.

Aunt "Mouse" came by to visit. I did a quick drive to cousin Sue's to delivered my old darkroom equipment. Hope you can use it Makenzie.

Looked at some of the photos I have taken the last year. A cousin of mine had sent a link to a bunch of old ancestral photos. They are one an online album so found (thanks Chelsey) Boat House to eat and view the photos.

Photo with this posting was my aunt and mom looking at the photos.

Morning, it was load the car again, and breakfast with mom and Aunt Audrey at Gateway Cafe. Good food and great breakfast special. Only problem was the waitress though she is funny/cute. When I asked for water for the road in my travel cup, she made some comments about I was demoting her, but got my water. I learned that it was the guy taking car of coffee refills was the one I should have asked for my water. My though -- well "Excuuuuuse Me".

With the toll rate hike, decided to bypass the tollway. Drove via Beloit, Galina, Dubuque, and Cedar Rapids. Late lunch at the Ox Bow in Amana Colonies. Exhausted by the time I got home.

Would have liked time to ride in Kenosha (trail was paved since last rode), but had to get home - eye doctor appointment this morning.

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