Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Prefer to Ride Alone

Yesterday I got my road bike back from the shop and planning to take it with me to Minnesota. Today was my chance to make sure everything was ready for the trip. Told D that I was planning to ride pavement about 9am, from the Wabash Trace Trailhead.

On the way to the trailhead, I stopped in to get the car serviced. Was at the trailhead about 8:50. J was already there (did not know he was riding too), Before I got my shoes changed, the other 2 were ready to ride (still not 9am). I like to take my time getting going, so feeling rushed, I was already not happy.

I was told to head out. Stopped quickly to reset the computer and headed down the trail at about 10 mph (into the wind). Over the last couple weeks, D has been saying he was not in shape, and to take it easy on him. Withing 1 1/2 mile, he was passing me and picked up the pace.

We used to stop at Indian Creek Bridge for hydration. I stopped, we had to flag down D. I rode most of the rest of the way to the Trails Center by myself. At the Western Historic Trails Center, I had to re-adjust my saddle - it had slide nose down on the ride. Used my multi-tool. D had a allen set, which allowed me more torque. Drank my G2, refilled water, and a quick visit with Dewey.

Once again, I brought up the rear. After all, I was not in a hurry. Wanted to enjoy the weather. After the hydration stop at the bridge, D wanted me to lead out so he could draft off me. Then complained that my speed was changing too much. So, I made it even more difficult for him to draft (by this time I was steaming inside). For info, I have problems keeping constant speed on the road bike because the bike wants to go faster than my body can keep up pedaling. So, not thinking, I speed up, and coast to bring back down to speed. Rode the rest of the way to the trailhead in silence.

I'll say that last summer when J and I rode Sunday mornings, I never had those issues. We just enjoyed the ride and the morning. Exhausted and depressed when I got home. Held mail for the trip and crashed to bed. Now trying to finish up my packing.

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Jon Downey said...

Anyone who makes enjoying a ride that much work is a poor riding partner.

Honestly, I prefer to train alone most of the time for that same reason. I like to set my own agenda.