Friday, June 8, 2012

Red Dirt!

Took me some time to get moving today. Guess it was the busy day yesterday. Took the Fuel EX7 out to the Mahnoman Unit of Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, MN. Goal was to explore more of the "green" trails.

Pretty good weather when I headed out of the hotel. Sunny, 70s, breezy. Should be a nice day in the woods.

Drove to the Boot Camp parking lot off of County 128. Mounted the bike and rode the Overburden Road to entrance of Little Sidewinder. Took me some time to get used to the trails, again.

Did not take much time before I was sweating. Even with the 10-15 mph winds, the air was almost dead still in the woods. The ground was damp from the recent rains. Trail conditions were what the racers call "tacky). No soft, wet ground, but surely no dust.

When I got junction with Mucker Mountain (shorter route back to the car) I decided to continue on Little Sidewinder.It this part of the trail along ponds between June Lake and Alstead Mine Lake. Tight, twisting singletrack, but not so many climbs and descents. My kind of riding.

Next decision point was at the junction of Little Sidewinder and Grub Stake. I was ready to take Grub Stake, the shorter route back to the car. Grub stake is typical for the Green trails in the area. Mostly flowing singletrack with sections of up and down. The photo with this post was taken on Grub Stake.

In no time, I was at the junction with Mucker Mountain, taking that trail to Overburden Road. Rode the cravel road back to the car. While it was only 2.3 miles and 31 minute riding time, I was exhausted.

Chatted with the hotel owner when I got back. After a shower, I was craving a sub - so found the Crosby Subway. Relaxed over food. Back to the hotel I processed my trail photos and then crashed to bed.

Hoping to meet up with the Mountain Bike Summit folks this evening.

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