Friday, July 27, 2012

Cooler Weather

The heat broke - for a little while, anyway. Today I could ride a little later in the morning. Was a little cool while loading the bike on the car rack - wore a light jacket.

Ham Radio friend John decided to ride, too. Met at the Wabash Trailhead. By 8am, and ready to ride, I did not need the jacket. We headed toward Lake Manawa.

My heart monitor was giving high reading, telling me I am in A-Fib. Took it a little easy on the ride.

Wind from the NNW. Rode counter-clockwise (not our normal way. Wanted the ride down Indian Creek Trail WITH the wind. At the intersection of Veteran's Memorial Trail and Indian Creek, we had a decision - ride further or head back toward the car.

While I was feeling good, with my A-Fib, I figured it was better to just head on back. On the way back, I asked John if he had ridden the connector to the lake. He had not. So rode to the lake where I took today's photo. View of Omaha from the campground boat ramp.

The wind was kicking up by the time we headed back North along Mosquito Creek, Was enough for me.

Back to the car, loaded up the bike and headed home. Didn't really do much anytihng else the rest of the day. Seems that while I do not know I am in A-Fib unless wearing the heart monitor, I get tired easier.

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