Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Weather Means Sunrise Ride

The heat is back on in the heartland. Forecast is for the mid to upper 90s all week. Humidity will be rising, but only a slight chance of rain. We really need the rain - crops are suffering.

Speaking of rain - there must have been some on the South side of Council Bluffs late Saturday. There were puddles on the Indian Creek Trail when I rode Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I rode from Wabash Trace trailhead to and around Lake Manawa via bicycle trail. I pushed it to get to Panera Bread by 7 for coffee. Missed it by a couple minutes, but the pushing gave me the fastest ride for the year.

Guess you could almost say that I have been slacking. Really I have enjoying the ride - they are not training rides. Anyway, I have been doing the lap of Manawa on the road bike at about 10.7 mph. Sunday, I did it at 12.5, almost 2 mph faster!

Back out this morning for another sunrise ride this morning. Today's photo was taken during this morning's ride. Once again I did the ride from Wabash to and around Lame Manawa. The Lake Manawa Trail is great for summer sunrise photos.

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