Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ride to Malvern

Its not that I have not been riding - I have (a bit). Just there was nothing to report, nothing worth photographing. Rode pavement to/around Lake Manawa. After the heat we had last week, I rode a little later in the morning. One morning it was 59 when I headed into town for coffee - last week it was 78 at 6am.

Yesterday, I was ready for a ride on the Trace. Since I did not have a planned trip to CB, I rode South from Silver City.

Over the first couple miles, I was wondering how far I could make it - would I make my goal of Malvern (8.5 miles). By the time i was at the Silver Creek Bridge, I was in my pedaling rhythm and felt better.

Hydration stop at the bridge and pushed on to Malvern. G2 and granola break at Malvern and back toward Silver City.

At Janke Rd, I met and visited with Greg & Bonnie Pierce (and their son?) of Pierce Crossing Guesthouse in Malvern. There were out for their Wednesday ride.

Quick stop back at the Silver Creek Bridge (hydration). A mile North of the bridge I was stopped by a solo rider heading South. He was asking how far to the next town. Gave him some pointers into Malvern (refill his G2, etc) and gave him info about the Wabash Trace and towns along the way. He is from Council Bluffs and thinking of longer rides on the trace, likely with a friend or two.

With the stops to visit and only making 8.7 mph on the ride, the morning was shot when I got back home. Was my first ride to Malvern for the year. Tired when i got home, so napped.

Taking the next couple days off the bike.

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