Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Do-Nothing (almost) Holiday

The heat continues. From the Rockies and East have been under a dome of heat. Did not looking forward to a bike ride this morning. First, I did not sleep well. But, I told John I would be at Manawa Nature Trail parking lot at 6am if he wants to ride with me.

Drug myself out of bed, kitted up, and loaded the bike to the parking lot. At 5:30 am, it was 78 degrees! While there was not any dew, the air was muggy and close.

No John, but saw the same couple with their dog heading out for their walk at 6am. Met lots of folks riding on the trail this morning. They have the same idea - beat the heat.

As I headed on the Lake Manawa Trail, the full moon was setting. Looking for a spot to capture the moon and the trail. Today's photo is what I shot. The orange-ish spot above and right of the curve in the trail - that's the full moon! The humidity (and perhaps smoke from Colorado fires) made it difficult to see the moon as it was setting. The haze shows up in this HDR photo.

The sunrise was also very hazy this morning. While the temperature was not that bad, I felt sweaty/clammy from the humidity. Decided on a short ride - just a lap of the trails around Lake Manawa.

Got in a 7 mile ride, came home and stayed in the house the rest of the day. After all, we are under an "Excessive Heat Warning" until Friday evening.

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