Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sold the RV

Earlier this year, i decided it was time to sell the RV. I have not used it, and was just depreciating every year. Got a idea of what it was worth from Leach Camper. Dropped most of the insurance coverage. Was going to put a sign in the window and perhaps list on Craigs list.

Tuesday, a neighbor knocked on my door, wondering if I was loke to sell the RV. He and his wife were looking for one. I said I was.

We talked about the vehicle and its options. I was honest that it had not been started in a couple years. His wife and another guy gave by to talk more and look at the RV. Agreed on the "as-is" sale.

Yesterday, after my bike ride, I was back into town ordering a duplicate title (you can never find those when you want them). Cleared out my stuff from the RV. Buyers came in the afternoon with the money. They were able to start and drive the RV home (about a mile from my place).

Another thing I don;t have to worry about. Just need to deposit $$ in the bank and cancel insurance today.

Photo is the buyer checking "under the hood" before driving it home.

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