Friday, March 7, 2014

Coffee Packet Review

With my Keurig coffee brewer, I received several coffee samples. One box (12 pkts ea) of Newmans Original Blend and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. Also a sampler box – all different. Here's my review so far. Note: unless specified, each cup was brewed as a large cup.

First morning – I tried the 2 boxes:

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend, Medium Roast – funky flavor. Not excited about it. Will have to try it again as I have a box of 12. Not planning to buy any more.

Newmans Own Special Blend, Medium Roast, Extra Bold – Reasonable flavor. Right now, its a “go to” blend. Bold enough that I could get a large and small cup in one packet.

Now – the running commentary of the others in the sample pack:

Gloria Jean Hazelnut – very weak. Might have a problem when I tried to extend the use by brewing a large and small cup with the same packet.

Caribou Coffee, Caribou Blend – OK, but nothing worth writing home about. Might be good with a shot of hazelnut syrup.

Van Houtte French Vanilla – reasonable flavored coffee. Just enough vanilla. Coffee could be bolder.

Tullys French Roast – A bold roast. A reasonable flavor. Little bitter aftertaste at the end of the cup. Still like the Newman's, better.

Donut Shop Medium – Not harsh, not bold. Not weak. Good all-around taste/blend

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend – Its coffee, but about all I can say about it. I am thinking that “breakfast blends” are just some caffeine running through your system.

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend – Getting low on my sampler box so tried this blend again. Must have been a bad (stale) packet. Not so bad this time. No “funky” flavor today. One or 2 cups is enough in the morning – finish off with Newman's when I wanted a third. I will be able to consume the box, just not planning to buy more.

Ordered some more coffees with the brewer registration:

Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut, Light – There is some reasonable flavor. Being a light roast, not much “kick” in the coffee. Will have to see how it tastes as the first cup of the day.

Timothy's Kahula Original, Mild – Decent coffee. Kahala flavor stays on the palette.

Tully's Hawaiian Blend, Medium Roast, Extra Bold – Bold flavor but not overpowering. Would be a great coffee when you need to get up and out.

Eight O-Clock Hazelnut, Medium Roast – THIS is closer what I am looking for in a hazelnut-flavored coffee. Medium roast, not too strong and not weak. Reasonable hazelnut flavor.

Picked up 12-packet boxes at the grocery store (non-Keurig packets):

HyVee Hazelnut (mild) Blend – Funky smell from the brewer. It sure is a mild blend. Can tell there is some favoring added, just not taste it. Not planning to buy this coffee again.

Cameron's Vanilla Hazelnut, Light Roast – opened the box – are not in typical Keurig packets. May have to check out how to use in the brewer. OK, just a different filter section of the packet. Decent flavor, could be bolder coffee roast.

More - Looking for the perfect cup...  (added May/June 2014)

Superior Selections, Medium Roast.  -- Reasonable taste, specially for the lower-priced coffees on the grocery shelf.  Mild kick and no nasty after-taste.  Almost as good as Newmans Own without the cost.  

Millstone Hazelnut Creme -- Picked up at a local grocery store (box of 12). Reasonable hazelnut flavor, no aftertaste.  Good enough to order from Keurig.

Timothy's Hazelnut, Medium Roast. --  Very disappointed with this coffee.  Had high hops as I enjoy the Kaluha coffee from this roaster.  Weak coffee and unpleasant aftertaste.  Won't be purchasing this one again.

Second Order from Keurig  (June 2014)

Been enjoying coffee from the brewer enough that I made a second order or 4 boxes from Keurig.  One is the Timothy's Hazelnut reviewed above.   Ordered a lager box of Millstone Hazelnut - see above.    Two others are re-orders for coffees I enjoy  from the earlier order. They are worth mentioning.   Eight O-Clock Hazelnut, Medium Roast,  and  Timothy's Kahula Original, Mild.

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