Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scoping Out the Zoo

Slept in today as no early morning chat for the next week.  Noticed a light dusting of snow on the grass.  Was looking for an early start for a trip to the Omaha Zoo.  But, with the cool morning, I waited until 11am to head to the zoo.

I have a couple of goals by visiting the zoo.  It would give me an excuse to get out of the house and walk.  The zoo would also be a great place to hone my photography skills.

Mostly sunny morning, but cool and windy.  My first venue in the zoo was the Desert Dome.  Was looking forward the the warmth and light in the dome.  Did not end up getting many photos there because major remodeling in the Desert Dome.

Next location I wanted to check out was the Lied Jungle.  That was a lost cause.  The cold outside air and the warm, humid air in the jungle fogged up my glasses and camera lens.  I was obvious that it would take a long time to stabilize the lens.  I exited the jungle and went to the Wild Kingdom Pavilion.

Must be school break because the zoo (and particularly this pavilion) was filled with kids.  On over to the aquarium.  This was the best place to refine my photography.  The various lighting, moving subjects, and shooting through glass had their own issues.  Still, I was able to get some decent shots.

Was going to check out the butterfly Pavilion, but was just too congested with parents getting kids out of strollers.  Decide to check out the Orangutan, Gorillas, and Bear Canyon.  By the time I had checked out these locations and shot some photos, my legs were getting tired.

Its not easy to get back from Bear Canyon to the zoo entrance.  Walking back through the Gorilla exhibit (more where outside at this time), and took the elevators up to near the Desert Dome.  Walking back from the entrance to my car, I had to stopped a couple times to rest my legs and knee. 

I ended up walking (with very few breaks) for 2 1/2 hours.  Much longer than I had originally planned.  Treated myself with a late lunch at Culver's.

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