Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soft Trails

Once again, we need to caution trail users regarding damage to dirt and crushed stone trails.  We have had a long Winter and folks are chomping at the bit to get out and ride/walk the trails.  The problem is that you are managing the trails when they are soft (until the frost is out of the ground). 

The dirt (natural surface - singletrack) trails are being torn up at some places.  If you leave mud in your shoes or bike tires, it is too soft.  If you are leaving marks in the trail surface, its too soft.

Look at this photo (upper photo) of the Wabash Trace taken in the Spring of 2012.  All of these ruts were caused by riding the soft trail surface.  Once these ruts are cut in, it takes a long time and several passes with a grader/scraper.  Mean time, you have to deal with the rough trail until it smooths out. 

Here's a photo (lower photo) taken by one of our THOR members, the damage done to the trail at Tranquility Park.  This photo was taken very recently.

PLEASE - Don't ride soft/muddy trails!

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