Saturday, March 29, 2014

Major Life-Changing Events

Thanks for postings on facebook, I found out today is Viet Nam Veteran's Day.  Did not do anything special to remember the day except to wear one of my Viet Nam / 199th LIB caps.

The commemorative day is not well known.  I am not surprised, with the way we were treated and how the country would prefer forgetting it.

It was a different country.  That was driven home to me as a high school classmate (who had posted this clipart on her FB page) commented

"Thanks to everyone who served in Vietnam. I know it was virtually 100% of my graduating h.s. class in 1965."

More information about my service in Viet Nam can be found on my web site at:

The last week of March in 2005 was a big week for me.   That week I was in the University of Nebraska Medical Center Hospital.  My roommate drove me to the hospital believing I had suffered a stroke.  I had been sick for over 6 months but my doctors could not find out the cause. 

About a day/night in the hospital, the ran several tests.  My health started turning for the worse.  I remember staff where going to take me for an MRI.  Instead, I was rushed into surgery.  I woke up with lots of tubes in me and a new (mechanical) heart valve.  

One of my doctors later told me that it was emergency surgery and that they almost lost me.  I don't remember the night I was admitted into the hospital - I was in there for about a week.  One March 31st, 2005, I was release from the hospital and started the journey to recovery.  Some friends call it my second birthday, I call it an anniversary.

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