Friday, March 14, 2014

Pain in the Back

No idea what caused it, but a couple weeks ago I was suffering a pain in my back.  Just a nagging ache, nothing debilitating. Had a pre-scheduled doctor appointment so asked him about my pain.  After all, it was in the left kidney area where I had a kidney cancer tumor "frozen".

With the cancer history, from his office I went to the UNMC Cancer Treatment area.  Ended up with a CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis,  This did not show any reason for my problem.

Next I was scheduled for a bone scan - make sure the cancers had not spread to my bones.  The scan just showed the arthritis I knew about in my left knee.  Final test was x-rays of the spine.  That just showed expected degeneration for age.

There is a little spot in one of my lungs that is starting to grew, so we will treat that with radiation.  My medical oncologist offered me to meet with the clinic's pain doctor. I was all up to me, but I figured it couldn't hurt.  I was able to meet her while that day at the clinic.

The resident (introduced to me as the doctor's assistant) did some examination and we talked about the complaint.  Told him I would not have worried so much about it except for the history of kidney cancer in that area.  I also said I would prefer not taking more pills, as I am already taking enough.  The pain was not even enough for me to take a Tylenol.

The doctor came in.  Did a cursory exam.  She said she had prescribed some pain medication (nonnarcotic).  Before I could talk about the cost, was it really needed, she had her office already called in the prescriptions to my pharmacy of record.

I was not please.  She told me my blood work was showing some possible problems by the kidneys with heavy medication, so was prescribing a lower dose plan.  She also mention about a cream (guessing a topical medication) but by then, she had lost me.  I do NOT like doctor's ASSUME I will take all of their advice without discussion.  After all, if the meds are expensive, I have dropped my MediCare part D because I could work with the VA for those.

My local pharmacy has called me that they have my prescriptions.  Just not sure that I will be picking them up.  Planning to call my medical oncologist's nurse to discuss this further.

UPDATE:  Looked at the discharge sheet from the clinic.  The pain doctor is prescribing "gabapentin" 300mg (aka Neurontin).  Googled the med and not sure I want to take this stuff.  For sure not until I talk more with my other medical contacts.

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