Saturday, December 17, 2011

Had to Get Out to Ride

Today was the day I am/was planning to head South for the Holiday. After breakfast, I rested and worked on packing.

About noon, I stuck my head out of the door (probably to take a load to the car0 and I decided I just HAD to ride this afternoon - even if it means delaying my trip. Hell, It was over a month since i was last on one of my bike! I quickly donned a cycling kit, grabbed the road bike, and headed for the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park.

Figured the Trace might be a little soft (warming up this afternoon). Headed towards Manawa on the pavement. Was about 42 as I started riding.

Stopped by the mountain bike trail area (river-side boat landing). Trail Leader was in the area 9saw his truck, not him). Took a couple of photos. Today's blog photo shows the sand/silt that was deposited during the flood this year.

My original destination was the Trails Center. With the month off the bike had taken its toll on me. When I got to Indian Creet Bridge, I decided just completing the loop around the lake and back to the car would be enough.

Sunny, light breeze, 48 degrees on the way back home.

Gave me just enough drive to get the bikes loaded on the car rack. Basically finished packing. Now sleep time.

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