Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Mala Compra

Overcast morning, threatening a shower, but I had planned to ride some dirt today. Headed to the Hammocks for a ride on the Mala Compra Greenway Trails.

I parked across Rt A1A from the trailhead at Mala Compra Rd. checked the trail map at the kiosk and ended down the trail. Most of this trail is rated as a "blue" trail. there area also side trails rated as "black diamond" and one that I saw rated "double black diamond".

Most of the trail is a tight, curvy trail though the wood. Solid surface except fpr short sections of palm roots and soft sand. At lease you can recognize the sandy spots because its a white sand.

Obstacles are highlighted as a black diamond trail marked with a blue bypass. (see photo) At the 16th St trailhead is another kiosk. It had some trail brochures with trail map. Just the map I was looking for 9which I could not find anywhere on the internet!.

Was not sure if I would ride singletrack on the trail back, but after a rest and some G2, I was ready to ride on. This end of the trail area had some rougher trails - longer sections of black diamond, some quick climbs and descents, ridge-running. I bypassed those trail section!

On the way back, there were several area where a wide, walking path paralleled the singletrack. At 3.5 miles, I was getting tired, to switched to the walking path. Ended up with 3.8 miles, 1:08 riding time, and 22 photos.

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