Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Road Again

A little over a year ago, friends of mine moved from Wisconsin to Florida. They invited me to visit for the holidays. So, I am in the way South.

Yesterday was a LONG day of driving. Ended up traveling 780 miles!. Today I just did a little over 300 miles.

Was thinking of spending the night in Macon, GA. Stopped at the Rest Area Information section just North of Macon on I-75.The gals there were very helpful. Told me about Ocmulgee National Monument and gave me info on the river-walk - bicycle/pedestrian walk downtown. They also had a computer there, where i was able to reserve a room. Great job!

Since it was already middle of the afternoon, I decided to head to Ocmulgee National Monument. Today's photo was taken from the top of the Temple Mound. The steps are the way up/down to the top of the mound

I ended up at the Quality Inn - exit 169 of I-75. The motel has a full hot breakfast. When i checked in, I was advices that they were having a free B-B-Q in the evening - wings, dogs, burgers, and beer. Such a deal.

Was thinking of taking a bike ride, but was not enough time. Joined the BBQ - chatted with guys from Janesville, WI and Bay City, MI. Maybe will have/take the time to ride in the morning before I finish the drive.

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