Thursday, January 23, 2014

Caves and Mountains

Was up in the middle of the night, not sleepy (that happens when I go to bed too early). Spent time posting a couple other photos on my photography blog and processed the photos from Tuesday's travels.  Eventually, went back to sleep for a while.

Another chilly (but getting warmer) morning on Wednesday.  Was in the upper 20s when I stuck my head out the door of my room in Roswell.  Good breakfast at the motel - busuits and gravey with some body!

Loaded the car and off toward Carlsbad Caverns.  Had a very enjoyable walk in the cave.  Had to be careful walking until the eyes adjusted.  I used the handrail at times to guide me.

Cranked up the ISO speed in the camera for the low light conditions.  Took some available light photos and some flash photos.  Never sure how they would come out.

As I found this morning when reviewing and processing the photos, the flash photos come turn out the better shots, thpro.anks to the software I am using.   Some of the available light shots are blurry from notion (I did not have a tripod with me in the cave).

The upper photo with this blog posting was taken in the cave with flash and processed from RAW with HDR Darkroom 2

I walked the base loop in the cave.  There is a further loop, but did not want to push it with my knee.  As it worked out, when I got back to the elevator, I was ready for get off my feet.  Did the obligatory stop in the gift stops and picked up a couple things.  It was noon, so grabbed some food before heading back on the road.

When I stopped at the ranger desk at the caverns, I asked about the Guadalupe Mountains National Park which I will pass on my way to Las Cruces.  She informed me the park is mostly hiking trails, but had some interesting exhibits.

Before leaving Calrsbad Cavern, i had to check out the 9.5 miles desert scenic (gravel) one-way loop.  Not too much to see there, but stopped to take a few photos along the road.

I stopped off the road at the Visitor's Center.  Took a couple photos and and did a pass on the visitor's center..  Body ways it was time to head up the road.  Over 130 miles of nothing between the caverns and El Paso, TX.  The only things to break the monotony at times was to stop stretch the legs and shoot photos of abandoned buildings.

The lower photo was taken near the visito's center at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Rolled into Las Cruces about 4:30pm.  Now settled in at Army Reunion & wife's place.  Will be touring Las Cruces the next couple days.  Planning to get in a bike ride or two while here.  Looks likes it gonna be a great day.

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