Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Ghost" Towns

Saturday was was the day to thank Sue & Merv for their hospitality and move on north to Albuquerque.  Merv was in Viet Nam the year before I was.  We met at the Echo Company, 2/3rd reunion.  Had a very enjoyable visit.  Upper photo here shows Sue, Merv and theor beagle "Murphy".

Late start.  Tt was almost 11 by the time we said our "good-bye"s, I gassed the car, and headed up the road.  First destination was the "ghost towns" of Hillsboro and Kingston, NM. 

I say "ghost town" in quotes as these tows are not ghost towns as depicted in TV westerns.  The population of these towns have waxed and waned as the economies of the area changed.  Both of these towns have an eclectic mixture of ruins, abandoned buildings, run-down shacks, well preserved structures and new construction.

Made a cursory tour down Main St of Hillsboro, snapping a couple photos.  Continued on to Kingston.  Most impressive structure in Kingston is Black Range Lodge. The lodge is a Bed & Breakfast as well as a retreat center.  Interesting place in south-central New Mexico.

A couple photos in Kingston and back to Hillsboro.  By this time,I was looking for a rest room and some a sandwich.  Decided at the General Store & Cafe.  Ordered a burger and went to the rest room.  What a "treat"!.  the "WC" was about the size of an airplane facility or less.  Hand holds on the dorr jamb to help sit.  The lower photo is part of the interior of the Hillsboro General Store Cafe.

At the store, it was suggested to grab the pamphlet about a walking tour of Hillsboro.  While i was not looking for exploring the town by foot, I took the pamphlet and did a driving tour of part of the town.  The pamphlet was also great to identify the structures in town.

Spent some time shooting in Hillsboro.  Soon, it was past time to be on the road North toward Albuquerque.  As I drove, I thought I might swing by Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge to see what are currently in "residence".

When I exited I-25, as I turned North the signs included information for El Camino Real International Heritage Center, Apache, and Fort Craig.  Hmm - Fort Craig, had not heard about this fort.  Drove the 4.5 miles on gravel to check it out.  Visited with the host there about the ruins of the old fort.  It was already after 4pm, was too late and my legs were not up to doing a mile hike to explore the fort.

The host at Fort Craig said the El Camino Real Center is worth a visit.  Maybe one day this week while in Albuquerque, can make a day trip to the center, fort, and refuge.

Rolled into my motel just after 6pm.  unloaded much of of my stuff out of the car into the room.  Still have to bring the bikes into the room.  Contacted my cousing here in Albuquerque to make tentative plans to getting together while my stay.

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