Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to Albuquerque

My first day in Albuquerque was not without its problems.  Therefore the "tongue-in-cheek" title of this posting.  Called my cousin about meeting for breakfast.  Seems he was not up yet.  Headed to the breakfast here in the motel.  He called at I was eating my waffle. 

Decided on breakfast tomorrow.  He was not up for a bicycle ride as he had some pipes (he makes some awesome looking pipe - the kind you smoke).

Unloaded the bicycles from te car rack and stored into the room.  Moved some other stuff from the car into the room.  Rested and prepared for a bike ride.  Great weather for a bicycle ride - mid 50s and sun, a little wind from the South.  Riding the North Diversion Channel Trail as I could ride from my room.  Riding the Bosque, there would could be issues with parking at trailheads with the weather.

Rode North to Paseo del Norde and took a break.  The photo here is my hybrid at that location.

Riding much slower on the way back as I was having a headwind and the trail is a little up hill in this direction.  About 4 miles from the motel, I realized I had a flat on the rear.  Stopped at the big tree alone the trail (at tree I have photographed several times) to contemplate it i walk the bike to the room or try to change the tube.

A young man stopped on his bike to see if I needed something.  Worked in a bicycle shop in Kentucky and is here in the Air Force.  He changed the tube for me.  He also noticed I had a broken spoke.  Looks like this bike has to go into the shop in the morning.

By the time I was nearing back to my room, I was just about spent.  Walked some of the last 0.1 mile.  Bonked or very close to it.  But, damn, I got in 11 miles!  My first ride for the year.

When i got to my room, the key card would not work.  Went to the office.  Asked the air-head clerk (some one that checked me in last night) is she had programed the key for just one night or the 8 nights left on my stay,  She did not answered my questions.  Just gave m a song and dance that is should work when I get back tomorrow night - if not they would program it again that night.  

Changed clothes and headed for Applebees.  All the way back on my ride i was thinking of having a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich at Applebees.  I was not to be.  They have dropped the sandwich from their menu.  DRATS!  Settled for a bacon-cheese burger, fries, and a brew.

Gassed the car and picked up a couple quarts of Powerade Zero to replenish my electrolytes.  Early to bed tonight..

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