Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cowboys and Aliens

Different start of the day for me.  Woke up middle of the night, not getting back to sleep, so processed photos from yesterday and posted some of them on facebook.  Back to bed and finally got up about 6:30.  It was 11 degrees this morning in Dodge City - I was not in a big hurry to get out and on the road!

Changed lenses  on my cameras so that had the Rebel T1i set up with the Tamron 180200mm lens for the drive.  I gave up figuring you wny the 60D auto focus was not working.

Motel breakfast - sweet roll, coffee, biscuits and (very runny) gravy, and sausage patties.  Loaded stuff back into the car and checked out of the room.

Headed out towards Roswell, NM.  This was a day of non-interstate driving.  When I was at about 100 miles out of Dodge City, I realized that I was NOT on the right route.  General same direction, just not the planned route.  Grabbed the maps to figure out to get made changes without adding too many miles.

While the new route was still on US numbered highways, their conditions at times were typical for secondary roads.  That, and drove through some desolate countryside!  Surprisingly, US 70 out of Clovis to Roswell, NM is 4-lane highway with very little traffic and less to see.  Most of the scenery was desert grass and abandoned buildings. 

By the time I found and checked into my lodging for the night, I was just too tired and too late to play "tourist".  Particularly interested is exploring the International UFO Museum & Research Center.  As it was, the motel is a bit out from downtown - glad I checked my reservation.  My direction of travel was N to S, and had to turn West for over 20 blocks.  Anyway, I have to reccomend the Rodeway Inn of Roswell.  Very reasonable rate, large room with king bed and a decently sized bathroom.

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