Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Roof

After almost a week of broken promises, yesterday was again the day for the shingles replaced on the roof.  I was a little concerned when I got up.  There were showers in the area.  Decided I was not going to miss my regakar trip to Panera Bread for coffee, bagel and conversation.  I was there when they opened at 6am.

Logged in for my normal chat session.  Forgot to bring the portable hard drive with my photos, so could not do much photography work.  Left early and headed home - interested to see if I had roofers at the house.  They were promised for 7am.

Disappointed but not surprised when I got home a 7:45 and no activity at the house.  Grabbed the laptop out of the car and took it to the house.  Was about to take the trash to the road when I saw the roofing crew arrive.  They back their trailer up to the garage (for removed material), parked the rest of their vehicles and got to work.

I also had a exterior painter coming to look at the house.  The house is in bad need for repainting.  Has been another of those items I deferred.  With the new roof and gutters, it was time to get it done.  And, soon the condition would be damaging the house. 

Had a good discussion with the painter.  Showed me that I was look at.  He suggested I go to Sherman-Williams to select colors.  The gutter sample colors the roofing contractor has gave me a good color scheme. 

I had to watch out for any clash from the brick part-way upthe front of the house.  i an settling for a cream main color of the house.  Trim in a dark. subdued green. (see lower photo)

Roofing contractor salesman dropped by as the crew was cleaning up.  We discussed plans for getting the gutters replaced.  Can change the gutter color (yet).  Can use the new base color of the house.  They were all packed up and gone before 5pm. 

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Sherri Wood said...

This roofing company that you hired must have been quite busy. While that is still not a valid excuse, it probably shows you they're quite sought after. That being said, having the painter and roofer at the same time is fortunate, as you could somehow plan on the color of your house, including the gutter. I hope you'd like the color, and that there are no more delays next time!

Sherri Wood @ Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma